"Quality takes time."

The mission of Cabui Sports Medicine (Chiropractic, Recovery, & Wellness) is to provide the people of San Diego and surrounding areas with exceptional service to help patients achieve and maintain their highest potential for health.

Whether you are an athlete, super parent, full time student, sitting at a desk all day, or if you are an olympian and anything in between…we are here for you. At CSM, we strive to take our time, make you our priority, and leave you feeling satisfied with our treatment from start to finish. You will be cared for as if you were our own family, and this is OUR PROMISE. Chiropractic care is a central component of any health and well being plan. We use techniques that are individualized to your needs and will help ease it into your specific lifestyle. 

Our practice works as a team, which includes licensed Acupuncturists, Massage Therapists, and Wellness Coaches. We want you to take your health seriously and help you achieve your goals with all of us by your side.

The main goal is to keep you EXTREMELY healthy, help you recover at an accelerated pace, and prevent any chance of future injuries so you are able to enjoy doing ALL the things you love in life. If you are ready to learn more, click on the any of the links above to start your journey towards health and wellness.


Business hours:

Mon-Fri - I0am to 6pm 

    SAT: By appointment only