What are they?

Essential oils are pure powerful liquids that are extracted from plants, including their respective parts such as their flower, fruit, seeds, bark, stem, leaves, etc. These oils, which serve as nature's defense mechanism for plants and cells, are extracted in a distillation process and are then bottled without any processing or added harmful chemicals . Essential oils are highly concentrated and are 50-70 times more powerful than herbs. They are quickly absorbed through the skin and do not leave any oily residue behind.

How are they used?

      There are 3 ways essential oils are used: 1. Aromatically 2. Topically 3. Internally  

Aromatically Essential oils can be inhaled while cupped around your face or via an ultrasonic diffuser. Inhaling essential oils can also clean the air while supporting your breathing.

Topically One of the most powerful ways to use essential oils. Just one drop of essential oil can reach every cell of your body. For skin sensitivity or for children, these oils can easily be diluted with fractionated coconut oil.

Internally All you need is one drop of essential oil in your water, under your tongue, or in a capsule. This way, the essential oil can reach your entire body.


 What are the benefits of EOs?

Essential oils are tools that empower you to take charge of your health and wellness. EOs allow you to address your health needs naturally at home (or even on the go)! Some of their benefits include...

  • Boosting and supporting your immune system

  • Helping you feel more relaxed

  • Boosting your energy levels

  • Helping you sleep better

  • Helping to improve digestion and GI issues

  • Helping you drop unwanted weight

  • and much more!


Where do I start?

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